Storage Tank Manufacturing Process

In our tank manufacturing process we use rigorous quality control checkpoints. These checkpoints help us live up to the Kay Tank name and meet industry standards. Review our storage tank manufacturing process to see how we identify and fix problems.

Kay Tank Manufacturing Process & Checkpoints

Step 1:

We check incoming steel for quality issues and certifification from Mill.

Step 2:

Prints are checked (on standard and custom builds).

Step 3:

Metal is measured, square and rolled on precision equipment.

Step 4:

Heads and flanges are pre-made.

Step 5:

Offset or Butt seam on tanks with more than 1 cylinder.

Step 6:

Fit and assembled on the horizontal assembly rolls.

Step 7:

Double weld seams on large fertilizer tanks.

Step 8:

After, tanks are pressurized and welds are checked twice for leaks.

Step 9:

Once checked, seams on your storage tank are sandblasted.

Step 10:

Your storage tank is primed and painted with high-quality acrylic enamel.

Step 11:

Your storage tank is scheduled for delivery and carefully loaded on our own specialized trailers.


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