rows of Kay Tank storage tanks

Kay Tank was started by Keith Borglum in 1948 on family farm with tank stands. Keith eventually saw a need to manufacture and supply our customers with tanks in 1964. So, in 1964 we entered the storage tank manufacturer industry never looked back. Today, we manufacture storage tanks for a hard working people across several industries. Kay Tank has maintained UL 142 certification on its storage tanks since the 70’s. This meas our storage above ground storage tanks are able to store flammable liquids. At Kay Tank we love to love feedback and are constantly looking for new ways to serve our customers.

As a storage tank manufacturer, we specialize in steel above ground shop-built, single wall, double wall, horizontal, vertical, flat bottom and cone bottom tanks for liquids stored at atmospheric pressure. Our storage tanks come in many standard sizes and configurations, but we love to figure out what we make to fill your need for storage. We also offer turn-key fuel storage/distribution from tanks with pumps, gauges, and vents to complete Cardtrol systems.

Call us today at 319-505-8265 to see how we can customize a tank to fit your needs.